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Salmon-Safe is a third-party certification program that recognizes and rewards responsible, eco-friendly management practices that protect Pacific salmon habitat and enhance water quality on agricultural and urban lands.

Highly effective in Oregon and Washington for more than a decade, Salmon-Safe was brought to B.C. by the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Fraser Basin Council, who launched Salmon-Safe B.C. in 2011. To date, more than 40 farms and vineyards across British Columbia has achieved Salmon-Safe certification. In 2018, the Fraser Basin Council became the sole delivery organization of Salmon-Safe BC.

Since the program’s inception in the United States, Salmon-Safe has become a leading regional eco-label with more than 95,000 acres of farm and urban lands certified across the Pacific Northwest. The Salmon-Safe retail campaign has been featured in 300 supermarkets and natural food stores, delivering important marketplace benefits to certified suppliers and landowners.


Salmon-Safe was founded by the Oregon-based Pacific Rivers Council in 1997, and has since spun off as a separate non-profit organization that works throughout the U.S. Northwest to promote conservation practices and habitat restoration.

The demand for Salmon-Safe in British Columbia came from local farmers who work on watershed conservation. During a province-wide gathering of the Fraser Salmon and Watershed Program in 2007, it became clear that landowners who were already employing practices that protected Pacific salmon habitat needed a mechanism to differentiate their products in local food markets, while encouraging other farms to adopt fish-friendly agricultural practices.

In 2010, the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Fraser Basin Council began working in partnership with Salmon-Safe U.S. to pilot the program in BC. The pilot included a technical review of existing Salmon-Safe farm standards, which were field-tested with 21 farms to assess the appropriateness within the Canadian and B.C. regulatory and cultural contexts.

In October 2011, Salmon-Safe B.C. was officially launched. Since then, it has expanded to vineyards and other specialty crops, certifying more than 10,000 acres of B.C. agricultural land.

In 2013, Salmon-Safe B.C. launched Salmon-Safe Communities to recognize and certify urban properties and to promote the protection of Pacific salmon within urban context.

In 2015, MEC Head Office became the first Salmon-Safe BC urban site.

In 2016, YVR Airport became the first airport in the world to become Salmon-Safe certified.

In 2018, the Fraser Basin Council became the sole delivery organization for Salmon-Safe BC.

In 2019, MEC’s Vancouver Flagship Store became the third Salmon-Safe BC urban site.

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